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Cybersecurity and Medical IoT Devices

Medical IoT Devices

by Charles Parker, II

The technology with medical devices and the protocols continue to improve. For example, we started with WIFI, moved to BlueTooth, and improved to BLE (BlueTooth Low Energy). There are many other examples throughout the products. One of the latest pushes is for AI integration. This has vast potential to improve the entire device’s operations and security. The full integration of IoT into medical devices cannot be overlooked.

There are several factors driving this. There is an increasing demand for remote patient monitoring. Our population is aging. The demographics are clear. The aging population has more chronic diseases, which tends to need more of this remote patient monitoring. These can provide real-time monitoring for the patient’s vital signs, for example. This allows for ease of collecting data and proactive management for chronic diseases.

The connectivity has also been beneficial. The updated protocols allow for the ease of data transmission. These also have greater security, which likewise is a bonus.

With the vast amount of data collected, the patient’s doctors can provide a much more specialized level of patient care. The diagnosis and treatment have the potential to be specifically tailored for them.

With the ease of use, functionality, and improved security, these may be used in many more types of facilities. This includes hospitals, rehabilitation centers, homes, and other facilities


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