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Cybersecurity, Coffee and Blockchain

Coffee tracking with blockchain

Blockchain started as the backbone for BitCoin. This new technology has, however, proven to have many different applications due to its base function. Having the decentralized ledger allows for the data to be recorded once and not changed and accessed by the appropriate parties. The security features may also be upgraded with encryption. One application for this has been the supply chain. One company leveraging this has been the Orang Utan Coffee company. The company and coffee, licensed and distributed in the UK, use this to allow retailers and consumers to trace the coffee to its Indonesian roots. The person, to access this, has to only access an app (Farmer Connect’s Thank My Farmer). The full product cycle is included in the blockchain, from the field, processing, to the final product sold globally. Growing the coffee beans, the process of getting this to market is complex, however, this has been encapsulated into the blockchain. This also provides the company and clients a new level of transparency into not only the regions of their coffee, but also the intricate process of harvesting, roasting, and shipping.

BLOCKCHAIN is a decentralized digital ledger consisting of records called blocks that is used to record transactions across many computers so that any involved block cannot be changed retroactively, without the alteration of subsequent blocks. This is especially beneficial for logs which cannot or should not be altered or to add a layer of cybersecurity.

Please contact us when we may be of assistance with showing you when and how to apply blockchain to your business and processes.

Charles Parker, II; Principal Scientist; MBA/MSA/JD/LLM/PhD/DCS (IP)



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