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Cybersecurity and Corvid19 Scams

Those with evil intent often take advantage of chaos to advance their nefarious interests. With Corvid19 causing so much turmoil in our nation and around the global, it is a perfect time for hackers to strike. They are using several pathways to attack but there are three prominent avenues we need to be watchful of.

  1. Stimulus Check – Millions of Americans are expecting to receive a much needed check from the government. That check can arrive via direct deposit or through the post office. Hackers have been sending out emails with fraudulent messages or making cold telephone calls informing people that to receive their checks they need to click on a link or go to a bogus website and supply information – often their social security numbers, home address and date of birth – personal identifiable information that hackers love to obtain. Even if that information is not supplied, simply going to bogus website can result in an infected computer.

  2. Corvid 19 help sites – The public is very anxious about this disease and rightfully so. Hackers are sending out emails advertising assistance and information at bogus websites. Once again, if people go to those sites, they will end up with infected computers.

  3. Fraudulent Charities – In times of crisis we all want to do what we can for those in greater need. Hackers recognize this innate need to help and once again, through fraudulent emails, appeal to people to send donations via their checking account or charge cards.

All these scams are tied in some way to emails. For years cybersecurity professionals have been preaching to the public to be extremely careful of their emails. Once again this alert must go out to the public.

About the Author – Dr. Jane LeClair is the President of the Washington Center for Cybersecurity Research & Development.

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