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Cybersecurity and New Phishing Method

New Phishing Method

Phishing has been one of the more profitable ventures for attackers. This is especially true when phishing is coupled with other attacks, such as ransomware. Since phishing is so useful and potentially a revenue-producing activity, it is no wonder a new method has been devised to further the reach. One well-used method to lure the unsuspecting victim has been the landing page which looks to be perfectly legitimate, however, is full of malware and/or malicious links. This spoofing may also include a login page, to further gather data. With the latest tools in place, the malicious website closed, are easier to find. As this has been known, the attackers have thought through a nuance to the age-old attack-creating a landing page for AV and an alternative, malicious version for the unsuspecting user. The AV version has the appropriate background image. The primary difference is the colors are inverted. This is done due to the AV coded to focus on the landing page’s shapes, not colors. The second step involves the user. The user sees the odd coloration and moves on to the alternative version of the landing page. The other landing page has the correct colors with a little something added for the attacker’s benefit. This attack continues to show the need for user vigilance. If something looks odd, don’t keep clicking. If you click something once that doesn’t look right, don’t click the same thing three times. There probably is a problem. Advise your users not to click on provided links, but type them in.


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