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Cybersecurity, Technology and Politics

In the upcoming midterm elections, technology will play an important and increasing role in helping to determine who will be victorious in November. It is not only being used to get a candidates message out to the general public via social media, but to troll the Internet for any tidbit of information that can be utilized for political gain for one candidate or another.

Increasingly we also see how hackers are attempting to influence the election by providing information they feel may sway voters opinions. In some cases hackers have been accessing private emails of political operatives and then disclosing sensitive information that the public finds say the very least. Such revelations have lead to resignations and very embarrassing moments for candidates and their political parties.

Needless to say, but what needs repeating again and again is the warning to all users of the Internet that what you type on the keyboard does not vanish into thin air but remains in some form, somewhere out in cyberspace, waiting to be discovered by those with malicious intent and potentially used against you as an individual no matter what your station in life.

Be safe....think before you type and hit that 'send' button because some day you might be running for office!


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