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Cybersecurity and Insider Threats

Now I have seen it all

Charles Parker

There are several companies offering cybersecurity in operation, with yet more popping up. This will probably not slow down with the need for cybersecurity persons increasing daily. Seemingly, the nation has noticed over-night with the pipeline attack that cybersecurity is actually important. These companies have various clients in their respective industries.

One of these recently in the news for all the wrong reasons is located in Atlanta. Vikas Singla, COO of Securolytics, was accused of and indicted on June 8 for attacking the Gwinnett Medical Center. The attack itself took place in 2018 and disrupted the hospital’s phone service, obtaining information from a digitizing device, and disrupting network printing services.

Singla has pleaded not guilty to the 18 charges. There were 17 counts of intentional damage to a protected computer and one count of obtaining information from a protected computer. He was released on a $20k unsecured bond. He is to return to court on June 23, 2021.

The thought is this was done for financial gain. The reason for the attack has not been published, other than this was for financial gain. While this is unknown, this does showcase the need for the review of any insider threat. This is not something people want to act on, as we want to trust our employees, however, this and other instances showcase our need to review this periodically.

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