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Cybersecurity and News Releases

News releases are an interesting medium of communication. The business has news-worthy information and wishes to pass it along to everyone interested in one post, in comparison to emailing the information 51k times. This is an economical version for communication, documents the event or announcement, and allows others who might be interested in the future, unbeknownst to the business, to read this at a later time.

The question arises though, what if a bad actor wanted to change or adjust a press release? This may be malicious and an act of defacing the post and website where this is located. While these are published, a breach where these reside could create issues. One simple and effective way to resolve this is blockchain implementation. The application of technology removes the single point of failure (SPoF). These platforms would provide the verification for the press releases, along with full transparency. Notably, the transparency aspect removes the potential for communication issues.

One company embracing this has been Verizon. The company is launching its application, termed Full Transparency. This blockchain-based, open-source app is engineered for newsroom-oriented products. The app also provides for a greater level of accountability and records any subsequent changes. Transparency has recently been more of an issue as this ties in with accountability. This has, when applied, improved corporate credibility. Since the news releases are placed within the blockchain, these are authoritative in nature. This use case also shows different industries may use blockchain for various applications, other than the only cryptocurrency.


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